Whitening strips For the ultiwhite smile every day

Before and after Bright Light



Teeth turn yellow and change their colour:

bullet coffee
bullet tea
bullet red wine
bullet nicotene
bullet in course of time




Already after the first application your smile will have become much more lighter.  And in a week you will get the expected result:

bullet Yellowness, grey deposit and stains will disappear and your teeth will gain healthy whiteness and shining.

bullet Your speech will become more confident and convincing.
bullet You will look even more fresh and attractive.
bullet And your white-snow smile will again (like in childhood) acquire its charm and make you look at least 3-4 years younger!


7 days only: for 30 minutes a day, twice a day. And you will get the same whitening effect as after expensive dental procedures in a dentist's office. Not being distracted from your affairs. Not overpaying. Without any discomfort.

Try it and you will be convinced of how quick and easy your teeth will regain their whiteness!


Before teeth whitening

After teeth whitening

Whiter and Brighter

As simple as a 2x2!

Enjoy the result




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