Whitening strips For the ultiwhite smile every day

Bright Lightтм teeth whitening strips is 
a revolutionary solution of at-home teeth bleaching
Snow-white teeth in just 7 days!



All of us know that having a snow-white, beautiful and charming smile is the first step to success in life.  However, inefficient oral hygiene, drinking of tea, coffee and red wine, smoking are only the first items of the long list of reasons why our teeth lose their attractive, natural whitest.  Now you can yourself get your teeth their healthy colour!


Today it is possible to regain a snow-white smile without wasting your time and overpaying.   One week - one package of Bright Light and you will get the result immediately after the first application!


Bright Light teeth whitening strips from an American manufacturer is a professional and safe way of teeth bleaching in any place and time convenient for you.  Nowadays they are the cutting-edge and most popular systems of self-guided teeth whitening in the USA and Europe.


Applying Bright Light strips you don't have anymore to use whitening toothpastes, destroying your tooth enamel, and to waste your time on expensive and unpleasant dental procedures.


Composition of the gel of Bright Light teeth whitening strips is based on carbamide peroxide and consists of the same ingredients that are contained in products used by professional dentists for teeth bleaching. It allows to achieve maximum effect, the same as in conditions of a dentist's office. 

Bright Light products are certified in Russia that proves products compliance with applicable requirements, hygienic standards and sanitary rules as well as their safety for human health (State registration certificate № RU. as of 28.12.2010)


For more than five years millions of people all over the world apply Bright Light strips, training even their children to them. Thousands of Russians have already tried Bright Light and are very pleased with the result.


Do you want to try it too? Do you want your teeth regain their whitest in an efficient, safe and inexpensive way?  To achieve that you just have to make three simple steps:  choose,  pay the product and specify delivery details with a manager.

14 unique Bright Light teeth whitening strips
for a 7-day course of whitening.
The cost is 42 usd. This is only 6 usd for 1 day of treatment!

Bright Light teeth whitening strips
before after
три простых шага к белоснежной улыбке

Step 1 Open the foil carton and
take out the strips

Step 2 Separate the strip from the
protective covering and
enclose the gel side to
the teeth

Step 3 Leave the strips on the
teeth for 30 minutes,
then remove and throw
them out
три простых шага к заказу
Шаг 1 Choose the necessary
product packing
Step 2 Fill in the application on
the site in the Contacts

Step 3 As soon as your application
is processed, our manager
will contact you



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